How to lashes

The Solligne Instant Colour is the ideal product for creating ‘natural look mascara’ for any time of the day – in the morning when you wake up, after playing sports, swimming, etc. In just a few steps you can create a long-lasting colour that will last for weeks.
Curious how to use the Solligne Instant Colour for your lashes? We will give you the ultimate tips and tricks!


Before applying the colour, cleanse your eyelashes with a mild soap and water to remove any oil. The lashes must be completely oil free and dry to achieve the best result


Apply a thin layer of protective cream on the skin around the eyelashes but make sure the lashes stay clear of the protective cream, this could affect the intensity of the colour.


Use a cotton bud to apply the colour activator to the eyelashes and make sure the lashes are properly moist. In order to protect the sensitive skin arond the eyes, u can use the eye protection papers. When applied, let the activator set voor 2 minutes.


Apply the colour gel evenly to the applicator and apply the colour gel to the moist eyelashes. Cover all hairs to create the most natural and even effect and make sure not to apply the gel onto your skin. The colouring process starts immediately after the application. Wait for 30 seconds and rinse off the gel residue immediately with shampoo or soap.